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COVID-19 Social Impacts Network

The COVID-19 Social Impacts Network is a multidisciplinary group of some of the country’s leading experts to help identify key issues, indicators and socio-demographics to generate evidence-based responses that address the social and economic dimensions of the COVID-19 crisis in Canada.

History & Knowledge

The Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to increase Canadians’ knowledge of their country through multidisciplinary projects and activities.

Immigration & Settlement Conference

The Metropolis Canada Conference is an annual forum for researchers, policy makers, representatives from community and settlement organizations to get together to share and exchange knowledge and experience in the field of immigration and settlement.

Migration & Identities

The Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration (CIIM) is an independent think tank dedicated to the study of population movement and evolving identities in Canada and abroad.

Immigrant Integration

The Canadian Index for Measuring Integration (CIMI) provides a credible framework for ongoing assessment of the state of immigrant integration in Canada.