The CIIM-IRW Regional Symposium: Migration and Refuge in Western Canada

October 21-22 2016

The CIIM-IRW Regional Symposium: Migration and Refuge in Western Canada


 The Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration (CIIM) &

Immigration Research West (IRW) Announce

The CIIM-IRW Regional Symposium: Migration and Refuge in Western Canada

October 21-22, 2016

Delta Winnipeg Hotel, 350 St. Mary Avenue ,Winnipeg, Manitoba 

The Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration (CIIM) & Immigration Research West (IRW) invite submissions for its’ Annual Regional Symposium on “Migration and Refuge in Western Canada” to be held on October 21-22, 2016. This Regional Symposium facilitates dialogue and exchange between researchers, government, and non-government (community and private) sector partners so as to explore issues that are regional in scope. 

When submitting a proposal, we encourage you to include participants from various parts of the region to provide a comparative perspective on the issues being discussed in your workshop. Other country comparisons with Canada are also welcome.

Symposium Themes

We will be accepting workshop, round table or poster presentations on the following themes related to migration, selection and settlement in Western Canada:

Selection (Demography Challenges, Policies and Programs)

  • Refugees
  • International students
  • Temporary foreign workers
  • Families, children and youth
  • Newcomer retention and secondary migration
  • Economic immigration

Settlement and Access to Services

  • Access to housing
  • Finding employment
  • Employment training
  • Language instruction
  • Immigration and social determinants of health
  • Services for youth and children
  • The role of the host community
  • Accessing settlement services
  • Labour market outcomes

Host Society Reception

  • Public opinion on immigrant and refugee arrivals
  • Public response to immigration and refugee emergencies
  • Public understanding of refugee emergencies
  • Myths regarding migration and refugee conditions

Please note that the previously announced annual forum on Multiculturalism 2016-2021: The Future of Multicultural Policies and Practices in Canada and Abroad has been merged into this Symposium. Papers submitted for this event are being accepted.


Workshop Formats


Workshops (90 minutes): Workshops will usually consist of 4 to a maximum of 5 presentations of approximately 15 minutes each, followed by at least 20 minutes of discussion. Workshop coordinators will preside over the session or designate another individual to do so.

Roundtables (90 minutes): The roundtable format is suitable for more informal discussions of emerging issues or controversies. It is a very effective format for the exchange of information and experiences among a relatively small number of people. The organizer or designated person chairs the roundtable with up to a maximum of 7 other discussants. The 8 person limit per roundtable is recommended because of the actual physical arrangement of the tables around which the discussions will take place. Extra chairs will be available. Please note that the roundtables take place in one large room, with multiple discussions taking place simultaneously.

Poster Sessions: Poster sessions provide an alternative format through which conference participants can share research which has not been otherwise presented. Posters should provide some conclusive results, even if preliminary. Poster presenters must provide their own display materials.


Important Points to Remember

We ask that participants limit themselves to making one formal presentation during the Symposium. An organizer can choose to participate in additional workshops as a chair, participant or discussant. If you are listed as a presenter in more than one workshop, we will ask you to choose the workshop that you prefer.

Each person listed as an organizer, participant, chair or discussant in a workshop must register for the Symposium as a day or full conference participant and pay the applicable registration fees. Please inform your presenters of this requirement when inviting them to participate in your workshop.



Learn about Winnipeg's local immigrant and refugee service providing organisations by participating in the CIIM IRW Regional Symposium "Migration and Refuge in Western Canada" walking tour! Available to all registered symposium delegates, this walking tour is designed to showcase the programs and activities of 4 local service providers on Friday, October 21st during the lunch break (12:30-2:00 PM). Please RSVP by October 17th by emailing and indicate which organisation you would like to visit as space is limited! Please note that a brown bag lunch will be provided and that the walking tours will occur rain or shine. Presentations will be made in English only. 

Manitoba Start is the first point of contact for newcomers to Winnipeg needing settlement supports and transition services as they begin their life in a new homeland. Since 2010, they have welcomed over 5,000 newcomers per year. Manitoba Start is proud to be a leading provider of both employment services to new Canadians and staffing solutions to Winnipeg employers who value the skills of internationally trained professionals in meeting hiring needs. As an added value, Manitoba Start also supports businesses, agencies, and communities by providing training opportunities in workplace cultural competence. Manitoba Start connects business to a world-class work-force and is the leading provider of career services for newcomers to the Province. Manitoba Start addresses employers’ recruitment needs by matching the unique skills sets of qualified, job-ready newcomers with employers’ specific job requirements. 

Option 2: Winnipeg English Language Assessment & Referral Centre [WELARC] 
Website: WELARC is the central language assessment agency for Winnipeg. WELARC assesses French and English language skills and refers clients to English and French Training Programs. They also do some online and itinerant assessments for remote locations with language classes.

Option 3: Altered Minds Inc. 
Website: Altered Minds Inc. 
(AMI) provides settlement orientation and language classes for newcomers through the ENTRY Program and the Living English summer EAL program. We regularly hire and train freelance interpreters to support participants in our programs, and currently have 32 accredited interpreters and 108 languages in our database. Altered Minds Inc. (AMI) provides the following programs and services for immigrants and refugees settling in Manitoba.  Entry Program: Orientation and language for newcomers  Entry Program Online (EPO): Online orientation for immigrants who cannot attend inperson classes. (The French version, Programme d’orientation en ligne, POE, will be available in 2016.)  Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA): Facilitated employment workshops and referral services that connect immigrants to local settlement agencies before they arrive in Manitoba  Living English: Summer English language program  Interpretation support: We provide interpreters for participants in our programs, and assist other agencies in finding interpreters for their clients. We currently have 32 accredited interpreters in our pool, and 108 languages in our database.

Option 4: Newcomers Employment and Education Development Services (N.E.E.D.S.) Inc. 
N.E.E.D.S. Inc. provides accessible services and supports to immigrant and refugee children, youth and their families. Our goal is to enhance the integration of newcomers into Canadian society through employment, education, mentorship and social recreation programming, including a transitional education program for newly arrived refugee children and youth. All of our programs are supported by psychosocial supports to ensure the success of our participan


Hotel guestrooms are available at the Delta Winnipeg at the conference rate of $149.00- $189.00 – call the Delta Winnipeg at (204) 942-0551 and mention the conference booking code AS1 to book a guest room. Note that due to the NHL’s Heritage Classic and “old timers” games to be played in Winnipeg the weekend of the forum, guestrooms are limited and delegates are encouraged to book early.

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