Canadian Culture(s) at a Crossroad? Heritage, History and Cultural Expression

November 30 - December 1, 2017 – Aylmer, QC

You are invited to submit an individual paper, workshop, round table and/or poster proposal for the Association for Canadian Studies’ Annual Conference. Marking the 150th anniversary of Canada, the conference is entitled: Canadian Culture(s) at a Crossroad? Heritage, History and Cultural Expression. The conference will be held November 30 and 1st December, 2017 in Aylmer at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel. As Canada marks its 150th milestone, the time is right for policy makers, academics and researchers to reflect on Canada’s cultural practice and policies, both to assess the successes and failures of the past, and to chart a bold path for the future. In today’s interconnected world, increasingly diverse expressions of culture have a profound impact on identities and the broader society – whether it’s through chronicling our history, preserving our heritage (through museums, archives, parks, and other repositories held by communities or individuals), and/or expressing ourselves through visual art, television and film production, new media, architecture and sports amongst other ways. Advances in technologies have, and continue to, shift the way that culture is created, displayed, transmitted, enjoyed and preserved. Such a state of flux brings questions and public policy challenges, such as the long-held and increasingly true conundrum that as Canadians have more content choices than ever before, and as we gain the ability to share our cultures with the world, we may also be seeing a reduction of Canadian content within Canada. We believe that Canada’s 150th is an excellent opportunity to take stock of where we are and what we can do to preserve Canada’s culture(s) and heritage so as to ensure our country continues to have a voice in the world. With this in mind, the Conference will consider broad questions such as: How should we define Canadian culture(s)? What are the current issues and trends affecting the creation, promotion, enjoyment and preservation of culture, heritage and history in Canada? What considerations and strategies go into the articulation and development of cultural policies in Canada? Does the current governance of Canadian cultural institutions allow for an equitable level of access and inclusion? How do we convey the importance and responsibility of preserving our culture and heritage to future generations? What is the respective role of government(s) and the private sector in the preservation and transmission of Canadian culture(s)? The Conference invites submissions that address such broader questions along the following themes: • Preserving/Safeguarding Cultural Heritage • Defining Canadian Culture(s) • Local and regional cultural expression • Language and Cultural Choice • Indigenous cultures • Ethnicity and Canadian Culture • Cultural Mixing/Fusion • Monuments and Heritage buildings • Technology and Cultural Transmission • Cultural Heritage and Intellectual Property • Archiving in a digital era • Documenting Canada’s History • Protecting Canadian content • Commemorations in Canada • The state of Canadian media • Canadian Television and Film • Sports as an expression of culture • Visual Arts in Canada • The State of the publishing industry in Canada • Tourism and Culture • Exporting Canadian Culture • Cultural enjoyment and cultural consumption,   are they one and the same? • Emerging culture and identities Please send proposals by e-mail to James Ondrick, Director of Programs for the ACS at or call 514 925-3097. Note that travel subsidies are not available for this conference and that all attending must register for the event. All must register for the event at The deadline for proposals is October 16, 2017. To book a room,call the hotel at 819-778-0000 or 1-800-907-1088 and mention the conference booking code  CDTACS  to book a guest room or book directly on line at: