History and Identity: Marking 200 years of the Canadian Experience

November 23-24, 2012 – Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON

Building on eight successful biennial national conferences on teaching Canada’s history, the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) in collaboration with The Ontario Social History and Social Sciences Teachers Association (OHASSTA), will be holding the 9th such national conference entitled Canadian History and Identity: Marking 200 years of the Canadian Experience.  The conference will be held on November 23-24, 2012 at the White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. The 2012 edition of the event on the teaching, learning and communication of the history of Canada will address various issues concerning Canadian history and identity and there will be a special focus on marking the bicentennial of the war of 1812 and teaching the significance of the war in the classroom. The conference will look at the most effective methods in teaching history, address current issues in communicating history and look at the relevance of history in our daily lives.  Niagara 2012 will bring together teachers from across Ontario and the rest of Canada, as well as many of Canada’s leading academics, researchers and representatives from museums, archives, government, non-governmental organizations and media. We expect over 350 delegates to attend.  The conference will have over 50 plenary, panel, workshop and other special sessions and will include a number of sessions conducted in French (with simultaneous translation) as well as a special excursion to Fort George. Over 40 national, regional and local organizations will be present as exhibitors. They include government departments and agencies, history organizations, museums, publishers, media outlets and many more. A few of the individuals on the program include: • Professor Peter Seixas, University of British Columbia • Marina Nemat, Author of “Prisoner of Terhan” • Richard Gwyn, Author, Commentator and Columnist with The Toronto Star • Christopher Moore, Author and Historian • Catherine Hennessey, Historian, Heritage Activist and Author, Charlottetown, PEI (invited) • Professor Kevin Kee, Brock University • Professor Julie Cruickshank, University of British Columbia Over 30 workshop sessions hosted by teachers from across Ontario and Canada including winners of the Governor General award for Excellence in Teaching: • Professor Marc-André Ethier, Université de Montréal (invited) • Professor Christian Laville, Université Laval • Professor Stéphane Levesque, University of Ottawa • Professor Kim Anderson, Wilfrid Laurier University • Professor Linda Kealey, University of New Brunswick Sessions showcasing educational materials regarding the War of 1812 with representatives from: • The Historica-Dominion Institute • The Association for Canadian Studies • The Royal Canadian Geographic Society • Fort York and the City of Toronto Museums • The Niagara Historical Society and Museum • The National Film Board • Niagara Parks Commission • The Battle of Plattsburgh Interpretive • Center and War of 1812 Museum A Few of the conference sessions include: • Marking the 200th Anniversary of the war of 1812 • Classroom projects featuring Winners of the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching • Teaching Confederation - Towards Canada 150 • Aboriginal History • Teaching the History of the Francophonie in Canada • War of 1812 Educational Projects and Studies • Quebec History • Canada and The United States: the War of 1812 and the Following 200 • Years of Peaceful Relations • Women and the History of Canada • Oral history • Heritage Preservation and Teaching History • The Ear of 1812 and Local History To register and for additional information visit www.acs-aec.ca  or contact James Ondrick at the Association for Canadian Studies Tel (514) 925-3097, e-mail: james.Ondrick@acs-aec.ca.


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