November 21-22, 2019 – Gatineau, QC

This third edition of the Annual Forum on Measuring Identities is entitled “Inclusion.” It will focus on how academics, policy-makers, civil society and researchers define and measure inclusion and look at promising practices in establishing societal inclusion. The Forum will also offer a platform to reflect upon new and innovative models for inclusive societies.

Inclusion is frequently associated with issues of gender equality and this year’s forum will pay particular attention to gender-based analysis (GBA)+. GBA + is an analytical process used to assess how diverse groups of women, men and non-binary people experience policies, programs and initiatives. The “plus” in GBA+ acknowledges that GBA goes beyond biological (sex) and socio-cultural (gender) differences. Shifting emphasis from singular to multiple and intersecting identities, GBA+ includes but is not limited to language, visible minority status, ethnicity, religion, age, and mental or physical disability. The intersections between gender and other identity markers have led to the reexamining of traditional methods and strategies in analyzing the multiple layers of discrimination and inequality.

The 3rd Annual Forum on Measuring Identities invites submissions that seek to advance inclusion across the country and in its communities, cities and provinces. Employing multiple and intersectional perspectives, the Forum will present new evidence-based knowledge and solutions-oriented research while engaging a broad spectrum of voices.


The deadline to submit your proposals is September 20th, 2019.

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