Measuring Identity, Diversity and Inclusion in Canada @ 150 and Beyond

From November 30 to December 01 2017

Measuring identity, diversity and inclusion in Canada @ 150 and beyond

Call for Proposals

“Measuring Identity, Diversity and Inclusion in Canada @ 150 and Beyond”

November 30 – December 1, 2017, Hilton DoubleTree, Alymer, Quebec

Presented by the Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration (CIIM)

You are invited to submit individual paper, workshop, round table and/or poster proposals for the Canadian Institute for Identities and Migration’s (a division of the Association for Canadian Studies and convenors of the National Metropolis Conference) annual forum on the theme of “Measuring Identities, Diversity and Inclusion in Canada @ 150 and Beyond.” This forum will be held on November 30 and December 1, 2017 at the Hilton Double Tree in Aylmer, Québec.

Over the past fifty years, there has been significant change in the  composition of the Canadian population and, accordingly, considerable evolution in research related to identities. Statistics Canada has changed the way in which it collects information about identities in the Census, with the addition of a question on population groups/visible minorities as of 1996 and adjustments to the manner in which ethnicity, language and aboriginality are measured. Other countries have also made changes in the way they collect data on identities.

Underlying all this is an ongoing debate in society on the very meaning  of ethnicity, ancestry, race, nation and community, and parallel  debates amongst researchers and policy-makers on the comprehension and  implications of evolving identities. Static definitions have increasingly led to concepts that allow for multiple and flexible identities. Survey  questions measuring identity have similarly made way for multiple  responses and concepts, permitting the expression of intersecting identities.

Further change in the way we measure diversity seems inevitable, but the nature of the change has yet to be determined. What initial lessons can be drawn from the 2016 Census results on ethnic origins, immigration and aboriginality? Going forward, what changes, if any, are needed to group categories and sub-categories on ethnicity, visible minorities, language and aboriginality? What conceptual or methodological challenges will affect the choices made when it comes to measuring identities? Will it be possible to do effective comparisons with results from previous censuses and surveys? What will changes in identity measurement imply for identifying and addressing inequality in our society? What are the limits on big data in measuring retention and addressing the aforementioned issues? What qualitative research helps better understand identity? What do changes in the way we measure identities mean for the discourse on diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, integration, interculturalism and social cohesion?

Some of the proposed themes for the forum include:  - Preliminary analysis of the 2016   Census results - Indexing identities - Meaning and measurement of   ethnicity and ancestry - Immigration categories   (including refugees) - language identities - Indigenous identities - religious identities - Cultural loss and retention - Qualitative research on identities - Multiple and intersecting identities - Public opinion surveys on identities   and diversity - Intergroup relations - Measuring diversities in smaller   geographies - Global comparisons of identity   measurement - Defining and/or redefining concepts   and paradigms such as: · Diversity · Multiculturalism · Inclusion · Integration  · Vivre ensemble  · Visible minorities · race and racialization  · Nations  · Communities

Please send proposals by e-mail to James Ondrick, Director of Programs for the ACS at or call 514 925-3097. Note that travel subsidies are not available for this forum and that all attending must register for the event. The deadline for proposals is October 2, 2017.


Hotel Information:

The forum will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Gatineau-Ottawa, 1170 Chemin Alymer, Gatineau, Quebec, J9H 7L3, Tel: 819-778-0000.


The hotel is 15 minutes from downtown Ottawa – Map and directions can be found on the hotel website.

Hotel guestrooms are available at the conference rate of $144.00 per night. Call the hotel at 819-778-0000 or 1-800-907-1088 and mention the conference booking code CDTACS to book a guest room or book directly on line at:

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