Teaching Quebec History in Canada / Teaching Canadian History in Quebec

May 3, 2011 – Montreal, QC

The Association for Canadian Studies and Canadian and their past will hold a Forum on May 3rd 2011, titled Teaching Quebec in Canada/Teaching Canada in Quebec, at the Le Nouvel Hotel in Montreal. The forum sessions will discuss issues in the teaching of Quebec and Canadian history at the university, senior high school/(CEGEPs) in two different- yet related- contexts: (1) teaching the history of Quebec in the rest of Canada and (2) teaching Canadian history in Quebec.   Among the issues we wish to bring forward are crucial questions on: (1) the ROC's knowledge of Quebec history and how it understands the historic role of Quebec and Canada's francophonie in the construction of Canada, (2) the state and adequacy of Quebec history teaching in the rest of Canada, (3) how Quebec history is made to fit in each province's curriculum and (4) the sources used to teach Quebec history.  Inversely, questions about the teaching of Canadian history in Quebec universities, CEGEP and senior high schools will be reviewed in similar terms.   For additional information please contact the Association for Canadian Studies at: Julie Perrone Tel : (514) 925-3096 julie.perrone @acs-aec.ca James Ondrick Tel : (514) 925-3097 james.ondrick@acs-aec.a