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1967 to 2017: Canada Transformed

$10.00Canadian Issues – Fall/Winter 2017

Contributors: Randy Boswell, Dominique Clément, Jack Bumsted, Ken McGoogan, Veronica Strong-Boag, Victor Rabinovitch, Nelson Wiseman, Jean-Phillippe Warren, Jack Jedwab

The Battleground of Remembrance: Struggles At the Intersection of Canadian War History and Public Me

$10.00Canadian Issues – Fall 2015

Contributors: Randy Boswell, Jeremy Diamond, Jonathan F. Vance, Jack Jedwab, John English, Laura Brandon, Serge Bernier, Terry Copp, Jamie Swift

A-HISTORICAL Look at John A. Macdonald? Seeing Canada’s First Prime Minister in the Context of His and Our Times

$10.00Canadian Issues – Summer 2015

Contributors: Randy Boswell, Thomas H.B. Symons, Desmond Morton, Donald Wright, Bob Rae, E.A. Heaman, Patrice Dutil, Barbara Messamore, James Daschuk

To Know Ourselves: Marking the 40th of the ACS

$10.00Canadian Issues – Summer 2013

Contributors: Thomas H.B. Symons, Stuart Murray, Steven Schwinghamer, Randy Boswell, Hector Mackenzie, Catherine Duquette, Penney Clark, Alan Gordon, Marc-André Éthier, David Lefrançois, Donald J. Savoie, Steven J. Toope, David Johnston, Stéphane Dion

Federalism and Identities: The Constitution. The Charter.

$10.00Canadian Issues – Spring 2013

Contributors: Julie Perrone, Peter Oliver, Graham Fraser, Michel Bastarache, Jean-Claude Racine, Victor Armony, Raffaele Iacovino, Jack Jedwab, David Kilgour, Jan Harvey, Dominique Clément, Maxwell Yalden, Ken Norman, Leslie Seidle, Irene Bloemraad, Els De Graauw, Richard L. Cole, John Kincaid, Daniel Béland, André Lecours

The Summit Series After 40 Years – Reflections on Canadian hockey and identity

$10.00Canadian Issues – Winter 2012

Contributors: Paul Henderson, Ron Ellis, Bill White, Gilles Terroux, James Pasternak, Richard Gruneau, Russell Field, Roy MacSkimming, Don Morrow

Diversity and Education for Liberation: Realities, Possibilities, and Problems

$10.00Canadian Issues – Spring 2011

Contributors: Ratna Ghosh, Ayaz Naseem, George J. Sefa Dei, Claudia W. Ruitenberg, Diane Gérin-Lajoie, Yvonne Hébert, Lori Wilkinson, Mary Maguire, Stéphane Lévesque, Marie McAndrew, Micheline Milot, Ronald Morris, Denise Lussier, Marilyn Steinbach, Adeela Arshad-Ayaz, Dianne Gereluk, Meira Levinson, Michael Merry, Sjoerd Karsten, Kamran Shaikh, Amna Zuberi, David Waddington, Tieja Thomas, Vivek Venkatesh, Kevin McDonough