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A-HISTORICAL Look at John A. Macdonald? Seeing Canada’s First Prime Minister in the Context of His and Our Times

$10.00Canadian Issues – 2015

Contributors: Randy Boswell, Thomas H.B. Symons, Desmond Morton, Donald Wright, Bob Rae, E.A. Heaman, Patrice Dutil, Barbara Messamore, James Dashuk

(Re) Making Confederation: (Re) Imagining Canada

$10.00Canadian Issues – 2014

Contributors: Penney Clark and Alan Sears, Stephane Levesque, Peter Seixas, Chantal Richard, Margaret Conrad, Connie Wyatt Anderson, Phyllis E. Leblanc, Alan MacEachern, Timothy J. Stanley

Perspectives on the History of Education in Canada

$10.00Canadian Issues – 2014

Contributors: Jean-Pierre Proulx, Jean-Philippe Warren, Paul W. Bennet, Jean-Philippe Croteau, Larry Prochner, Amy Von Heyking, Paul Axelron, Michael Welton, Arica Neeganagwedgin, Aicha Benimmas, Theodore Michael Christou, Garfield Gini-Newman

Towards a New Blueprint for Canada’s Recorded Memory

$10.00Canadian Issues – 2014

Contributors: Ian Wilson, Marion Beyea, Marcel Caya, Lara Wilson, Hervé Déry, Normand Charbonneau, Lois K. Yorke,, Tom Nesmith, Michel Banville, Luciana Duranti, Corinne Rogers, Jack Jedwab

A look at 50 years since the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism

$10.00Canadian Issues – 2013

Contributors: Maxwell Yalden, Graham Fraser, Linda Cardinal, Francois Boileau, Matthew Hayday, Jean-Pierre Corbeil, Michael MacMillan, Alain-G Gagnon, Jean-Charles St-Louis

To Know Ourselves: Marking the 40th of the ACS

$10.00Canadian Issues – 2013

Contributors: Thomas H.B. Symons, Stuart Murray, Steven Schwinghamer, Randy Boswell, Hector Mackenzie, Catherine Duquette, Penney Clark, Alan Gordon, Marc-Andre Ethier, David Lefrançois, Donald Savoie, Steven Toope, David Johnston, Stephane Dion

Federalism and Identities: The Constitution. The Charter.

$10.00Canadian Issues – 2013

Contributors: Peter Oliver, Graham Fraser, Michel Bastarache, Jean-Claude Racine, Victor Armony, Raffaele Iacovino, Jack Jedwab, David Kilgour, Jan Harvey, Dominique Clément, Maxwell Yalden, Ken Norman, Leslie Seidle, Irene Bloemraad, Els De Graauw, Richard L. Cole, John Kincaid, Daniel Béland, André Lecours

Teaching (in) the Canadian North

$10.00Canadian Issues – 2013

Contributors: P.Whitney Lackenbauer, Julia Christensen, Brendan Griebel, Sue Heffernan, Amanda Graham, Heather McGregor, David R. Gray